CF-GAS 800/1200


  • The CF-GAS 800/1200 autonomous single-package CONDENSATION AIR TREATMENT UNITS provide for complete air treatment.
    This equipment combines several technologies to filter, heat, cool and dehumidify the air to be supplied to commercial and industrial premises. The unit consists mainly of an isolated cabinet receiving the air flow generated by the ventilator group and where a top-efficiency condensation heat exchanger is installed, thereby providing for heating effect modulation. In the heating phase, the heat exchanger transfers heat energy through direct exchange between flue gas and the air flow to be heated. Namely, the air flow passes onto the heat exchanger’s hot surface and is thereby warmed up to be later supplied to the environment. Also cooling is performed without any intermediate fluid, through the so-called technique of “mechanical compression and direct expansion” of the refrigerating gas – something which can be achieved thanks to two separate refrigerating circuits working independently. The centrifugal fan’s characteristics make this equipment suitable to be installed wherever very high static pressure is required. The unit can perform air mixture, renovation, filtering and discharge, as well as just room ventilation during summertime.
    The direct exchange technology employed by this equipment requires lower installation costs but first and foremost allows a tangible reduction of operating cost. As a matter of fact, the most important feature of this system is that heat is directly transferred to the premises to be heated, thereby avoiding inefficient transformation stages. The result is a much higher overall performance of the whole system.
    The CF-GAS unit is manufactured with valuable stainless steel materials that allow coupling with burners working at variable heating power mode (both modulating and/or two-phase). It guarantees a safe, long-lasting functioning also at flue gas condensation conditions. This peculiar feature allows to monitor in a continuous and consistent way the equipment’s heating capacity output. Moreover, operating economy is maximized thanks to the functioning mode at condensation conditions. The aforementioned characteristics make this equipment also suitable to fully treat outside air intake for air renovation purposes, whose temperature changes from time to time according to the season.
    The refined watertight cabinet is protuberance-free and its thermal well-insulated panels can be washed inside. These features perfectly allow to install the equipment outside with no additional protection needed, even under extreme climatic conditions reaching down to -45°C (provided it is fitted with a specific kit). All functions are managed in a fully automatic way by means of a complete electronic controller on the equipment’s side that can be interfaced with a user-friendly remote control device or yet even more complex appliances. A wide choice of accessories (such as regulation dampers, customized power capacity, remote controls, kit for high static pressure, etc.) come in to complete the product. Product safety is certified by renowned and professional International Authorities.