• GAS
  • The CONDENSING AUTONOMOUS SINGLE-PACKAGE AIR TREATMENT UNIT KLIMAXs provides an overall and complete ambient air treatment. It employs several technologies at the same time in order to maximise energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, this equipment combines different technologies to filter, heat, cool, renew and supplement with fresh air the air to be supplied to residential, commercial and industrial premises. It also features a static economiser with crossed jets to use the air outlet energy – that would be otherwise lost. Furthermore, this air treatment unit combines the free-cooling and free-heating functions. Cooling is performed without any intermediate fluid, through the so-called technique of “mechanical compression and direct expansion” of the refrigerating gas. In order to optimise consumptions and get immediate energy efficiency, the heating phase employs two different systems: it can be performed either by “heat pump” technology or by “direct exchange” technology featuring a INOX stainless steel condensing heat exchanger supplied with gaseous fuel.
    As a result, the KLIMAXs unit guarantees the highest overall seasonal performances since it employs two separate, mutually independent refrigerating circuits for cooling purposes. Heating is performed by heat pump in case of temperatures up to +5°C, while the condensing heat exchanger featuring a progressive modulating gas burner is employed in case of temperatures down to -20°C. Thanks to the use of a frequency changer and proportional movement dampers, it is possible to independently and precisely regulate the inlet and outlet air flows – thereby setting the pressurisation level of the premises to be treated.
    All functions are managed in a fully automatic way by means of a complete and well-tested electronic controller placed on the equipment side. The controller can be interfaced with a user-friendly remote control system – or with other more complex devices. The inlet and outlet air to be treated can be directed either vertically or horizontally in order to meet the most diversified installation needs. The product’s excellent characteristics are completed by low-level noise running. Product safety is certified by renowned and professional International Authorities.