• The NTPM units size is extremely small, thereby allowing their installation even where little room is available - as it often happens in residential and commercial premises. The units’ basic version consists in a “module + battery” group (either at direct expansion functioning mode or working with water) combined with an electro-ventilator that can be pulled out downwards for inspection/inspecting purposes. Two versions available: horizontally oriented called NTPM/O; vertically oriented called NTPM/V. The units are made of Aluzink steel sheet and are coated with polyethylene and polyester sheets inside. All appliances are equipped with heat exchange battery made of copper pipes and aluminium fins, collectors featuring GAS screw thread for the water unit and SAE screw thread for the direct expansion unit. All batteries include a condensation basin made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The basic unit is equipped with three-speed centrifugal electro-ventilators whose fan wheels are balanced both statically and dynamically. Noise and vibrations have been reduced to the minimum according to the product’s marketing applications. The basic unit can be equipped with filters, whose periodical cleaning is made easier thanks to a specific pull-out device. Connection to the electrical network is eased by a terminal strip on the equipment’s side, where also the ventilator terminals are connected. The terminal strip is protected by a relay in all product versions (except for the 09 version, where such kind of controlling device is unnecessary due to its very low electrical absorption).