• The VX fan coil features a prepainted, light-coloured steel sheet cabinet (only 220 mm thick) and ABS air outlet grid with side inspection holes that can be opened to reach the control panel. The support structure is made of very thick galvanized steel sheet with dedicated holes to be fixed to the wall/ceiling, as well as with internal thermoacoustic insulation (M1 standards). The condensation collector is equipped with both discharge device and thermal insulation (M1 standards). The high-efficiency heat exchange battery (Turbulent Fins with high Reynolds number) is made of copper piping and aluminium fins that are blocked by mechanical expansion. The battery joints are equipped with nonspinning device, manual air vent valves and manual water discharge valves. They are normally placed on the left-hand side of the appliance, yet they can be mounted on the right-hand side upon request and are easily reversible in any case. The ventilator group consists of 1, 2 or 3 dual-intake centrifugal fans featuring last-generation plastic fins directly coupled to the engine. The electric engine is equipped with Klixon thermal protector and a gear condenser working continuously (IP42, B-class standards). The high-efficiency air filter is made of polyester acrylic fabric and can be regenerated by washing it with water, by blowing or else by suction.