• The WIMBLEDON patented equipment, a TOTAL CONDENSATION SINGLE-PACKGE AIR TREATMENT UNIT, provides for continuous and consistent automatic modulation of the heating capacity output as well as for the possibility to vary static pressure by regulating the outside air damper. This way, not only the equipment can provide “just in time” heating of premises but it also helps keeping the right pressure inside pressostatic structures and/or tensostructures – this is why it is particularly indicated with elements covering tennis courts.
    The unit consists mainly of an isolated cabinet receiving the air flow generated by the ventilator group and where a top-efficiency newly designed heat exchanger is installed. The heat exchanger transfers heat energy through direct exchange between flue gas and the air flow to be heated. Namely, the air flow passes onto the special heat exchanger’s hot surface and is thereby warmed up to be later supplied to the environment. The centrifugal fan’s characteristics make this equipment suitable to be installed wherever very high static pressure is required. Besides; the unit can perform just room ventilation during summertime. The direct exchange technology employed by this equipment requires lower installation costs but first and foremost allows a tangible reduction of operating cost. As a matter of fact, the most important feature of this system is that heat is directly transferred to the premises to be heated, thereby avoiding inefficient transformation stages. The result is a much higher overall performance of the whole system.
    This equipment’s UNIQUE PECULIARITY depends on the fact that it has been specifically designed and proportioned to ALWAYS work at flue gas condensation conditions covering all of its heating capacity range (maximum and minimum values). This way, the product’s outstanding thermal efficiency at maximum work output (reaching about 105%) combines with a very high average seasonal efficiency, thereby allowing a tangible energy saving, a significant reduction of management costs as well as a concrete decrease of noxious emissions.
    The innovative, patented airflow pathway inside the equipment alongside with a heat exchanger structure employing counter-current and crossed jets have contributed to making the WIMBLEDON series play a unique, winning role in the framework of such specific applications. Moreover, the valuable stainless steel materials employed guarantee a safe, long-lasting functioning also at flue gas total condensation conditions. This appliance has been specifically designed to draw in and transfer treated air downwards and on the same side, thereby easing the connection of air duct outlets and inlets.
    The equipment features a gravity-closing safety damper placed on the outside air inlet in order to avoid the structure’s quick deflating in case of sudden blocks, as well as a regulation damper on the recirculation air inlet. All these elements combined can guarantee consistent, even pressure within the structure.
    In addition, the WIMBLEDON unit is equipped with two safety fire dampers that are placed on the air inlet and outlet points respectively. The product’s peculiar characteristics are covered by international patent and its safety is certified by renowned and professional International Authorities.