• The FRESH and FRESH/S WATER CHILLERS have been specifically designed to produce cold water for cooling purposes of home, commercial and industrial premises.
    Water cooling is performed through the so-called mechanical compression technique of the refrigerating gas with air condensation. The FRESH and FRESH/S WATER CHILLERS project has been optimized and the equipment employs the R410A refrigerating gas, which is environment-friendly and in line with current world market developments. As a matter of fact, the new refrigerating gas guarantees very high heat transfer coefficients, thereby reducing equipment dimensions. Moreover, this gas is particularly indicated for machines performing demanding tasks.
    Besides the traditional components, this machine is also equipped with a built-in pump. In most cases, such feature enables the product to be installed without any additional accessories and/or elements. An advanced electronic control system fully manages all of the equipment’s functions by means of immediate reading and integrated processing of the several temperature and pressure sensors installed. This system also features a self-adapting function to modify the working setpoint according to the actual immediate needs of end users. The FRESH/S model differs from the FRESH series because of the presence of an inertial tank equipped with expansion vessel. A wide range of accessories allow to specifically and precisely meet all possible installation needs. The product’s peculiar characteristics are completed by low-level noise running that is guaranteed even under extreme environmental conditions, by high energy efficiency, as well as by safety standards approved by worldwide renowned, professional Certifiyng Authorities.